North Metro Junior Football League

Kerry Clements
Posted May 29, 2019

In honor of everything Kerry Clements has done for the league, the North Metro Football League wishes to recognize a volunteer with an award that bears his name.  The “Kerry Clemons Award” is given to a member of the North Metro Jaguar family who has shown dedication to the kids and the league both on and off the field.  The award is given to an individual who is making a difference in the kids lives in the same manner that Kerry did. 


Kerry always loved sports and participated in them. He especially looked forward to having children and supporting them in their sports endeavors.  Unfortunately, his first son Ryan was born with Spina Bifida, and was confined to a wheelchair.  At the tender age of five years old, Ryan Clements passed away, leaving Kerry with an unimaginable empty heart.  God blessed Kerry seven years later with the birth of another son Taylor.  When Taylor was 6 months old, Kerry decided to combine his love of children with his love of sports.  Over the next 17 years Coach Kerry would touch the lives of hundreds of Thornton’s young men. 


Coach Kerry not only taught these boys the fundamentals of football, but taught them to value the life lessons that can only be learned on a playing field.  While many coaches will say that winning isn’t everything, Coach Kerry actually lived it.  He taught his players the importance of winning gracefully, and even more significant how to lose with their dignity intact. 

While Coach Kerry and his boys never won a championship, coaching brought him immense joy and unconditional love from his players.  Relationships that would prove to last beyond a lifetime.   Sadly, Coach Kerry lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on December 9, 2013 but through his love for the game and children his legacy goes on. 


Written by George Payan (Longtime Jaguar Member):

I am lucky to have coached with the North Metro Jaguars for 13 years.  During the early years of the North Metro there were some rough times, we thought the league would not make due to the lack of volunteers or board members.  The leadership of the North Metro Jaguars wasn’t very stable early on, however; there were a few individuals who had a vested interest in seeing the league succeed for the interest of the boys.  I was fortunate to have met a man who truly put the kids and the league before any personal ambitions he might have had.  His name was Kerry Clements.  Kerry and I may have not always seen eye to eye because he was putting some structure to the league that many of us weren’t used to, but I learned a lot from Kerry.  I learned how be a servant leader for the kids.  I learned that football was only a method to teach life skills to the players.  I always knew the boy’s and league’s best interest were at the center of his every action. Kerry literally worked tirelessly to help the league.  During those early years the easy thing for all of us to do was to leave the league for other teams, but as a direct result of Kerry’s efforts the league stayed intact.   Kerry Clements volunteered for North Metro Jaguars as the League Representative, Field Painter, Treasurer, Vice President, President and most importantly as a Coach and Teacher for every kid on his team.  There were a couple years in which he represented multiple roles for North Metro because he knew what league’s success meant to the boys and how important football was in the development of young men.


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